10 Best Body Hair Removal Products & Tools for Men & Women with Reviews & Price

We love the luscious mane of hair on our head and do a lot to take care of it, but what about hair on other parts of the body? No chance! Be it on our legs, arms, armpits or face, we are ready to go to any length to get rid of them. Its kind of funny how we cannot help ourselves from adding a personal touch even to our eyebrows which apparently God himself has designed!

The summer heat outside makes us feeling lethargic and tired even after we have spent the entire day on bed! So, however tempting a salon session may sound right now, its absolutely a no-no to go out in the sun.

So, here we are with a list of some best hair removal tools with which you can do the needful sitting at home.

Read on to know more about the self- grooming kits available in India

1. Veet Full Body Waxing Kit

Price: ₹ 190

It contains 20 waxing strips which removes even the most minute hair of your body from the roots. It is enriched with Shea butter and boasts of an easy grip technology. It gives off a light fragrance of almond oil and can be used on sensitive skin.

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit - 10 Best Body Hair Removal Products & Tools for Men & Women with Reviews & Price

2. Beauty Studio Ready to Use Waxing Strips Aloe Vera Wax Strips

Price: ₹ 889

Another brand providing wax strips, it also contains 20 strips which help in removing unwanted hair from the body. These are easy to apply and is a convenient method. It is suitable mainly for all types of skin.

3. Gillette Venus Manual Razor for Women

Price: ₹ 176

It is a soft razor especially designed for women’s skin. It has three blades which glide along our skin smoothly removing even the fine hair. It contains protective cushions and a pivoting rounded head for a better and more convenient shave.

Top 10 hair removal creamskits tools in India - 10 Best Body Hair Removal Products & Tools for Men & Women with Reviews & Price

4. Panache Tweezer – Curved

Price: ₹ 120

Made up of  very good and high quality material, this is a pair a tweezers for shaping your eyebrows before the surprise party. It tweezes out even the finest of hair with the help of its curved tip.

5. Braun 810 Face Mini Epilator + Cleansing Brush

Price: ₹ 4,900

This epilator has the capability to remove absolutely all hair from the body and cleanse your skin. It promises that your skin will exude a gorgeous glow and will look flawless. It contains a slim head for attaining precision in removing fine hairs from the micro-openings of your skin.

6. Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Cremé

Price: ₹ 149

With no risks of razor cuts, bumps or skin darkening, it works well on sensitive areas like the armpits and bikini line. Enriched with 100% chamomile extract, it cleans your skin gently. It removes all foul smell and does not contain any chemicals which might discolor your skin.

7. Nair Shower Power Max with Argan oil – hair removing cream

Price: ₹ 874

In contrast to the shaving creams, this cream works to remove the unwanted hairs on your body through washes. Apply the cream over the hair and leave it on for five minutes. Then, wash it off. Enriched with the Moroccan Argan oil, it contains a revitalizing formula which delivers a smooth and vibrant skin.

TOP 10 body HAIR REMOVAL TOOLS IN INDIA - 10 Best Body Hair Removal Products & Tools for Men & Women with Reviews & Price

8. O3+ Soothing Coconut After Waxing Lotion

Price: ₹ 650

It is essentially a lotion to be used after shaving which soothes your skin and also delays regrowth. It contains natural extracts of coconut  which brightens and hydrates dry skin making it tan-free.

9. One Personal Care Eyebrows Epilator Disposable Razor

Price: ₹ 199

It comes in a pack of 3 attractive multicoloured epilator razors.  It is a go to product for regular use and is super easy to do. It works better on thin hair, so it is mainly used on the eyebrows.

10. Ayur Cold Wax

Price : ₹ 90

This is a wax which works on the skin to remove hairs without the need for any heating effect on the wax. It is an affordable buy which gets rid of your body hairs at home itself in an easy manner.

Top 10 hair removal tools available in India - 10 Best Body Hair Removal Products & Tools for Men & Women with Reviews & Price


These different ways of plucking and removing those unwanted hairs from the face as well as body are super useful; when we’re too busy to go the salon and on weekends when we are feeling too lazy to go out anywhere! Use these methods and tools at home to get rid of the hair before any outing easily.


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