5 Sexy & Different Hair Color Trends / Ideas for Women in 2018

5 Sexy & Different Hair Color Trends Ideas for Women in 2018

A new year means new hopes, new styles, new color trends. If you are bold and want to try something different, try getting your hair colored with the ongoing top trends of 2018. Getting the hair colored gives you a sense of confidence, and makes you stand out in the crowd. Black and brown hair is common among women, we would recommend you to try some new shades to look different and set yourself apart from the crowd.

5 Hair Colour Trends for 2018 for Women

5Sweet Plum Hair Colors

Purple and Magenta 450x594 - 5 Sexy & Different Hair Color Trends / Ideas for Women in 2018

Food is considered to be the biggest source of inspiration for hair colorist. Previously we have seen cherry, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and other food inspired shades which turned out to be absolutely fabulous. If you are in love with both magenta and purple, and you can’t choose between the two then go for both. The mixture of both the shades given an absolutely different and a cooler shade. For an edgy and bold style, this is absolutely what you are looking for.

4Charcoal Hair Color

charcoal hair color 450x760 - 5 Sexy & Different Hair Color Trends / Ideas for Women in 2018

Charcoal hair color is the most recent and trendiest hair color going on. It is hitting off really well on Instagram and other social media sites. The deep gray hair colors are being named charcoal by the color stylists. It is considered to be sultry, smoky and mysterious. It is not entirely black, it has a touch of blue and silver. It is considered to be opposite of rainbow yet unconventional. It is recommended to always get this done by professionals as doing it yourself can be very tricky and risky. The charcoal is obtained by using a balayage technique. This technique cant is obtained without bleaching of hair, so the darker shade your hair is more time this color will take to settle.

3Rose Quartz

Rose and Dark Skin Tone - 5 Sexy & Different Hair Color Trends / Ideas for Women in 2018

The unicorn inspired hair color called rose quartz is very trendy and gives one a fairy-like look. Rose is considered to be the definition of feminity and tenderness. So any hair color shade in this undertone gives a breathtaking look. The best part about this shade is that it flatters the array of the skin tone. It complements every skin tone and gives an amazing look. It is always advisable to keep the roots always dark to avoid maintenance. Go for light make-up depending on the intensity of your shade to avoid looking disastrous.

2Ash Brown Hair Colors

Silver Streaks on Brunette Hair 450x800 - 5 Sexy & Different Hair Color Trends / Ideas for Women in 2018

Ash brown shade is the mixture of silver and natural brown shade. Ash Brown is not such a dark shade but bleaching of hair is still necessary to get the desired results. This shade of hair goes with every skin tone still it is recommended to consult a hair colorist, before pulling off this shade. This shade is combined with ice tones towards the tips of the hair to pop up the look. This ombre hair color is the highest moment to try to jazz up your look as it is different and unique.

1Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose Gold Balayage 450x749 - 5 Sexy & Different Hair Color Trends / Ideas for Women in 2018

Awe-inspired rose gold hair color is one of the most desired shades for women. A super wearable hair color is to be provided with a stunning combination of blonde and red-pink. This hair shade complements every skin tone surprisingly. It is always advisable to approach an expert to get this shade as it is very difficult to get the exact look yourself. The best way to add life to the boring blonde hair is to go pink. Already blonde hair gives the advantage to rock the lightest hair colors without bleaching of the hair. Pink highlights or pink ombre can also be done if you cant pull off the unconventional hair color.

Try these most amazing trendiest hair color to rock the look and jazz up the look of your face. The coloring of hair or getting highlights changes the overall look of the hair and spices up the look.

So girls, if you want to go wild, then definitely try these amazing hair colour styles.


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