About CisMis.com – World’s Largest Beauty Destination

CisMis Default Image - About CisMis.com - World's Largest Beauty DestinationCisMis.com is world’s largest beauty destination for the cosmopolitan women. At CisMis, we feel that the world is not short of amazing beauty/makeup products, stores, or stories, but somewhere along the way, it became short of specialness. CisMis strives to to find exceptional makeup and beauty stories, special products, and tell the inspiring stories behind these products, and deliver them with thoughtfulness.

We are still in the early stages of our journey. There are so many more stories to tell and relationships to build. We hope that you join us as our story unfolds.

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Our Story

At CisMis, each woman is special. It is the world’s first personalized beauty and makeup destination for the Indian women. CisMis is co-founded by Prianca Saraswat to enable women to explore exceptional beauty and makeup stories, find product personalized recommendations to suit their skin type through unbiased and thoughtful journalism. We aim to bring in great content from internationally trained makeup and beauty artists to empower women to discover as well as compare beauty products for popular makeup, skin care, body, hair and fragrance products and brands to enable women to find the right products for them.

Prianca says,

In the digitized world, women are increasingly becoming overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information that’s available online and through the media, and as a result find themselves frustrated while looking for the desired beauty and makeup advice. They end up buying the wrong beauty and makeup products and having drawers full of them. At CisMis, we strive to offer women an unbiased and personalized experience to discover exceptional beauty stories and product recommendations, so that they can make informed choices.

CisMis.com is thoughtfully categorized in five key sections – Makeup, Hair Care, Hair Style, Skin Care and Health/Wellness. Each section has internationally trained experts in their domain share experiences, stories, tips and recommendations on beauty products to help women be beautiful.

Our unique selling points is the personalized approach to beauty – the website content will be tailored around the needs of the Indian women. We have built the website is built in an intuitive way to help women find relevant content for their skin type, eye color, hair color, diet and more.

Women will also find unbiased skin care and beauty product reviews and product ratings to help them make their choices. CisMis aims to ‘revolutionize’ the way women approach beauty forever, by providing exceptional stories and unbiased advice as well as personalized beauty and skin care recommendations to help women ‘discover the right beauty mantra’.