6 Must-do Simple Skin-Care Routines Before Bedtime to get Fair & Flawless Skin

skin care tips to get gorgeous skin
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We all crave for fair, clean and clear skin and stress out as soon as we get acne or any other blemish. Don’t worry! Getting fair and flawless skin is simpler than you thought! As we all know, getting ample amount of sleep is very important, so we are sharing six pre-bedtime tips for getting a smooth, clear skin and getting a better complexion.

Six Important skin care Routines to get flawless skin

1Don’t be lazy – remove makeup

Remove your makeup before going to bed. Use cleaning milk to remove your face make up and a good eye makeup remover for eyes. You can also use coconut oil to remove make up instantly.

2Get Steamy

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After removing make up and washing the face, it is advised to get into the steamy shower for 2 or 3 minutes as the steam opens up the pores of the skin. Once your pores are open use a moisturizer and work gently into the skin then pat dry.

You can also opt for a mini facial. After cleaning makeup, wash your face with a soap free cleanser. Then, massage your face with coconut oil for 3 minutes. Use a scrub on your face and wash it off with warm water. Apply a night cream and keep a warm towel (Just pop a wet towel in the microwave for 20 seconds) and allow the towel to rest on your face for few minutes. Pat dry. This mini facial will help in removing the dirt, oil, bacteria, sweat and give a clean skin.

3Cleanse Twice

The make-up applied to the skin doesn’t dissolve with soap and water, hence it is advised to double cleanse the skin. The make-up should be removed with an oil-based cleanser. The oil breaks down the polymers more effectively than soap and water. Then a non-soap cleanser should be used to get rid of rest of the make-up.

4Give Your Skin A Shot Of Moisture

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A hydrating overnight mask should be applied before going to bed as they plump up the skin, exfoliate it and gives the smoother appearance. The hydrating mask should be kept in the refrigerator between the uses. If the mask is cold in use, it removes the redness by constricting blood vessels and helps in tightening the pores.

5Slough Away Dead Skin

The skin cells shed naturally but sometimes they stick around and cause an uneven texture. The skin looks often dull due to dead cells, and to keep these cells moving; an acid-based cleanser should be used twice a week. This gives a smooth and glowing skin as the acids present in these cleansers reach deep into the skin layers and break the bonds between the dead cells, clearing them.

6Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on back will give you face free of fine lines also prevents in creating the unsightly bags under the eyes. While sleeping on the side or stomach can lead to not so good indentations on the skin and the pressure on the face can lead to wrinkles.

The above six routines are very simple and something we all know. However, in today’s lifestyle we often tend to neglect these simple routines. We hope after reading this post, you will take care to follow these simple pre-bedtime skin care routines.

We can’t promise you the moon and the stars, but we sure can promise you fair and flawless skin!


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