Try 15 Secret Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Beauty Hacks

Know 15 Secret Vaseline petroleum jelly hacks

Vaseline petroleum jelly isn’t the first thing that comes to a person mind when we think about makeup. It is one thing that no one thinks of buying, yet everyone has it lying around somewhere.

Vaseline petroleum jelly has multiple uses and is also known for best beauty uses. Petroleum jelly can save one from buying a lot of beauty products and magically transform into easy beauty solutions.

Let’s have a look at these petroleum jelly hacks

1Petroleum Jelly Gives Natural Glow

Vaseline petroleum jelly gives a natural glow to the skin as it acts as an alternative to the shimmery highlighter. Dab it onto the cheekbones and under the nose to see amazing effects.

2Jelly Restores Cracked Heels

Use Vaseline petroleum jelly on your feet to heal cracked heels

Put petroleum jelly on dry feet and cover your feet with socks and leave them overnight to get amazing results next day.

3Prevents Scars

If your skin accidentally burns from iron, try applying Vaseline petroleum jelly to prevent future scarring.

4Petroleum Jelly as a Substitute for Mascara

Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on lashes to make them look thick and also give them a natural glow. Now, with the help of a eye lash curler, curl your lashes gently. You will be amazed to see the output. Using petroleum jelly on eye lashes also helps in conditioning the lashes naturally.

5Use Petroleum Jelly as Cuticle Cream

Vaseline is used as the best alternative to a cuticle cream as it can heal cuticles efficiently and effectively.

6Removes Eye Make-up

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a moisturizing cream which helps in removing eye make up easily. Just put some jelly on a cotton pad and move it across the eyelids. You will be surprised to see that all the makeup is gone in just one swipe.

7Petroleum Jelly Acts as Lip Balm

Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to keep your Skin Hydrated

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly helps in transforming dry chapped lips into soft supple and rosy lips. To get back the moisture and softness, apply a little bit of Vaseline and see effective results in no time.

8Makes the Perfume Last Longer with Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline helps in making the fragrance last a long time. Apply some Petroleum Jelly on the wrist before spraying the fragrance. The jelly locks the fragrance which helps the perfume stay a little longer on the skin.

9Opens Tight Lids Bottles/Jars Easily

Apply Vaseline around the lids of the nail polish and twist firmly and the bottle will open up easily.

10Acts as Hydrating Face Cream

Vaseline helps in getting the moisture of the skin back. It works wonders on the dehydrated skin and repairs it too.

11No Hair Color Stains

Apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly before applying hair color or dye on the hair. Petroleum Jelly protects the skin from the color.

12Conceal Split Ends with Petroleum Jelly

Cure Split Ends with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – Just apply it to the end of your hair and rub gently to smooth out the ends

Apply Vaseline on the roots of the hair as it gives smooth, glossy tips, concealing the split ends. Petroleum Jelly can also acts as a conditioner when applied to hair before shampoo.

13Keeps Chaffing at Bay

Apply Vaseline on the friction caused by the summer heat on troubled spots. It can also be applied on the heel which keeps chafing at bay, thus avoiding sore toes.

14Create a DIY Body Luminizer with Petroleum Jelly

Mix a little bit highlighter with Petroleum Jelly and apply it to the most prominent parts like the top of shoulders, collar bones for the glowing and gorgeous skin.

15Gives Your Eye Brows a Perfect Shape

Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to professionally shape your eye brows.

Vaseline helps in giving the brow the perfect shape you desire. All you have to do is use a spoolie brush with a little bit of Vaseline Jelly to groom those arches into place and you are all set!

These are the most amazing and unbelievable 15 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly hacks that can make your life easier and also helps you keeping beautiful and glowing at all times !


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