Female Hygiene – 9 Best Must Have Products for Complete Women Personal Hygiene

Female Hygiene - 9 Best Must Have Products for Complete Women Personal Hygiene

Most of us women spend a lot in pampering our body with luxurious products of skin care, hair care etc. We splurge a lot in cosmetics to brush up our outer self. While doing this, sometimes a very important topic slips from our mind. We tend to not pay the necessary amount of attention to our personal hygiene. Feminine hygiene, especially while ongoing menstrual cycles is very important.

In some parts of India, there’s still a taboo about talking about menstruation and female body parts. Therefore, it is natural that female hygiene will take a backseat.

Lack of importance given to female hygiene has the possibility of creating infections and complexities during pregnancy. Therefore, utmost care must be taken with the proper products.

Read on to get a list of essential products which will take care of feminine hygiene completely and will keep you safe from disease.

1. V-wash Intimate Hygiene Wash

Price: ₹ 275 for 200 ml

This wash has been especially devised for providing a hygienic wash for the intimate body parts of women. It contains the goodness of sea buckthorn oil and tea tree oil which prevents infections down there and maintains the pH balance too.

2. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Price: ₹ 180 for 105 ml

This is another very effective wash devised for vaginal hygiene. It gets rid of unpleasant odours down there by maintaining the balance of pH properly. It relaxes and cures irritated vaginal tissues to give a fresh feeling.

3. Everteen Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel

Price: ₹ 1,999 for 50 g

This medical product mostly recommended by gynaecologists after pregnancy comes in a white and deep pink colored container. It returns the elastic nature of the vagina and revitalizes it. It works on improving the blood flow and in keeping out the bacteria.

4. Gillette Venus Breeze 3 Blades Lather For 1 Step Silky Skin

Price: ₹ 299

A super easy way to get a clean bikini area without using those shaving creams which might have harmful effects on the skin. This one claims to be rich in body butters which is bound to give a very smooth shaving experience.

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5. Rica Brazilian Wax With Avocado Butter

Price: ₹ 950 for 800 g

This wax comes in a can of off-white shade. It blends in the goodness of milk and avocado butter oil. It dries quickly on the skin and suits even sensitive skin without causing any kind of irritation.

6. Bella Cotton Pads Round A80 Pieces

Price: ₹ 109 for 80 pcs

These pads are made up of 100% pure cotton. They are close edged and very soft. You can use these cotton swathes for a lot of purposes like makeup removing, skin care and even as swipes for babies.

7. Braun Epilator SE1 1170

Price: ₹ 2,565

Just like all epilators this one too gets rid of even the smallest hairs. It tweezes out even the thinnest and the tiniest bit of body hair. Epilating on a regular basis does make the rate of hair regrowth on your body much less.

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8. The Body Care Chocolate Hot Wax

Price: ₹ 75 for 200 g

This pocket-friendly wax can comes in a rich brown color. This sterile wax melts easily and spreads on the skin evenly. It is enriched with lemon juice, coco powder and distilled water. It claims to remove all hairs in a single painless pull.

9. Rica Green Apple LipoWax

Price: ₹ 230 for 100 ml

This green colored product is best suited for removing ingrown hair as well as unwanted tans. This gives a smooth waxing which will relax your senses. It gives off a beautiful scent of green apples.

These products take care of the hygiene of your entire body. It cleans your intimate parts and gets rid of unwanted hair. This keeps out the germs and thus, the diseases. Therefore, always remember to pay the required attention to the matter of your body hygiene, especially during periods.


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