Detox with Water: Know 6 Facts that will Help You Lose Weight Quickly

Every day numerous times, we raise that cup of water to our lips. Let’s just pause for a moment and marvel at the thought that how much good each sip is doing to our body. Water absorbs a lot of minerals like calcium, magnesium and fluoride which is delivered to our body when we drink it. Twenty percent of the total amount of our water intake is through the food and beverages we eat and drink. It is essential to remain hydrated as the body cannot store water and yet it is made up of fifty to seventy five percent of water.

Eliminating by-products from the body as a result of metabolism in the body, regulating body temperature, aiding digestion, maintaining moisture in the skin, carrying oxygen to cell etc there are almost uncountable uses of water.

Detox with water to lose weight

But let us focus on the most exciting and attractive one today!

Let us surprise you with the fact about how water can help us lose weight!

  1. Studies have proved that on increasing the intake of water, the amount of calories burned in the body increased. In the research, overweight people were made to drink more water, and no other changes were made to their lifestyle for twelve months. It was found out almost about 2 kg of fat was reduced.
  2. We should always drink water before having any meal. This reduces our appetite to some extent which makes us eat less than we would normally do under the circumstances. In this indirect way, calorie intake is lessened.

Drink a glass of water before any meal to lose weight

  1. Since water is calorie free, therefore when other beverages (high in calories) drunk by people are replaced with water, it lowers the calorie intake.
  2. Water is very important in increasing the metabolism of the body, it burns a lot of fat in the body.

Drinking 8 glasses of water everyday can help you lose weight quickly

  1. Some researchers have claimed that drinking ice cold water provides more aid in lowering fat in the body as more amount of calories are needed in processing the ice cold water.

Lose weight with water

  1. Water helps increase energy and also boosts your brain functions. Water helps in making the muscles perform its best. Also, water is best known to flush out toxins from the body.

So, both household experiences as well as scientific researches have pointed out the fact that drinking water helps us a lot, especially in losing weight.

Therefore, keep down that phone and drink in an extra glass of water to get that much awaited skinny waist size!


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