5 Summer Hairstyles Ideas for Long Hair which are Perfect for the Warm Indian Weather

The dreaded Indian summer is just around the corner and it may be a good time to begin planning your warm weather hairstyle. Summers and the accompanying humidity might cause irritations on the skin, however, this weather can also affect your hair and scalp. Moreover, if you have long hair, the situation can get even worse. While, one way is to shorten your hair, however, we know you don’t want that.

Here, in this article, we are sharing 5 cool hairstyle ideas for long hair can get stylishly get you thorough the Indian summer.

1. Double Buns

Double Bun Hairstyle for Summer MonthsLove the old, tried and tested buns? But, instead of going the same predictable style, try the quirky version by going with double spaced buns. Please make sure you use U-pins to secure them so that your long hair buns stay in place. This will make you feel more airy while negotiating the summer weather.

2. Donut Bun

Donut bun hairstyle for summer monthsThe donut bun is a great way to wear your hair for a formal day out. Further, you can accessorize with a scrunchy or a glitzy scarf. This style will give you some respite from the summer heat and help manage your long mane.

3. Braids – Micro, Boxer etc.

Braid hairstyle for summer monthsIf you like the school girl look, you can try the micro braid or the boxer braid look. The smaller the braid, the more delicate and refined it will look. Once you get this style, you can leave it as in for upto weeks without worrying much about the heat and humidity.

4. Low Pony

Low ponytail hairstyle for summer indian monthsMove your pony tail southwards this summer and let your hair hang low and back. A low ponytail will always look classy and it could be either sleek or textured.

5. Blunt Beauty

Blunt hairstyle for summer indian monthsIts really flattering to see if a girl has fine hair. You can further complement this look by using a tiny drop of hair oil to get extra shine. This blunt cut will give your long mane a refreshed look and provide respite from heat in the summer months.

So, girls, don’t worry about the summers. It’s all about advance planning and you could actually flaunt a super stylish hairstyle this summer.


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