Castor Oil For Skin, Hair & Health – Know 9 Benefits of this Wonder Oil

benefits of castor oil
Castor oil can give you acne free skin

Castor oil is one of the go to remedy for all hair and skin related problems. Castor oil is an old-age magic portion to cure diseases and health issues. Castor oil extracted from castor seeds. The oil is a rich source of anti-oxidants and so it is widely used as one of the beauty ingredient. Here, we are listing some benefits of this wonder oil on skin and hair.

Let’s have a look at these benefits of castor oil for skin and hair

1Castor Oil for Hair Thickness

Castor oil contains omega 6 and omega 9 acids which are helpful in encouraging hair growth and thickens existing strands to give thick, strong and shiny hair.

2Gets rid of split ends

Castor oil benefits for split ends

Apply castor oil on the end of the hair half an hour before washing the hair to get rid of split ends and get shiny and long hair.

3Brings shine back to your hair

Warm up castor oil and apply. Wrap a warm towel around your head. Wash off your hair with a mild shampoo after half an hour. This will bring back the lost moisture in the hair and give you beautiful locks.

4Conditions Hair

Put few drops of castor oil to your regular conditioner and apply on your strands to get healthier and softer hair.

5Used as a lip balm

Castor oil can be used on lips as moisturizer.

Castor oil can be used as an alternative to lip balm to convert the chapped lips into nourishing and moisture lips.

6Sunburn remedy

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that treat sunburn. Mix coconut oil with castor oil in 1:1 proportion and apply on the affected area to get instant results.

7Treats Mild Acne

Castor oil contains iconic acids which help in treating mild acne. Wash your face with warm water to open up the clean and open the pores of your skin. Then, gently message castor oil into the skin and leave overnight. Rinse off next morning to get a clear and glowing skin.

8Prevents Stretch Marks

Castor oil for all skin and hair problems

Castor oil applied twice a day during pregnancy helps in avoiding stretch marks from arising and also helps in healing stretch marks after birth.

9Heals Cracked Heels

Apply castor oil on cracked and dry heels and cover the feet with socks and leave overnight. Find the moisture back on your heels the next morning.

These are some benefits of castor oil which works gently on your skin and hair. Try castor oil and experience these amazing results yourself.


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