Top 6 Styling Products From BBLUNT – Get Salon Style Hair at Home in Minutes

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Ex-wife of popular Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar, Adhuna (Bhabani) Akhtar started this hair care range – BBlunt with her brother Osh Bhabani some twenty-four years ago with a penchant for making products for those who are not afraid to look different. In the beginning, they started with salon chains in Mumbai and then moved on to hair products.

Famous mainly for its gorgeous hair dyes, they have also launched some other kinds of styling products. Some of them enhance curls, some add volume and some smoothen the wavy tresses. Here, we have brought together a list of all the styling products available in India with a detailed review of each.

1. BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Color

Price: ₹ 350 for 51 ml

This dry color spray is available in five colors – emerald green, bronze, blue velvet, blush pink and copper. It is a cool and convenient method to dye your tresses temporarily. This hair color is scientifically devised for Indian hair type. The bronze and copper shades will go beautifully with the olive tone. Opt for the blush pink or velvetty blue for a quirky look.

BBLUNT hair color spray


2. BBLUNT Blown Away, Volumizing Leave-In Spray

Price: ₹ 550 for 150 ml

This voluminizing spray is enriched with meadow foam seed extracts and hydrolyzed wheat protein. It provides tensile strength to the roots of the hair and thickens the hair strands. It is perfect for styling your hair in any way you want.

BBLUNT hair products

3. BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream

Price: ₹ 600 for 150 g

This hair product comes in an attractive red colored bottle is especially made for curly hair. It will smoothen your curls and add definition to them by amping up its oomph factor. It also protects the hair from pollution and harmful UV rays.

Hair styling products available in India

4. BBLUNT itMATTers, Zero Shine Moulding Clay

Price: ₹ 275 for 40 g

This gives an intense look to the hair. It makes the hair manageable and flexible while adding volume to it. It blends in the goodness of beeswax, lanolin and kaolin earth which adds a proper amount of lustre to the hair.

hair setting product from BBLUNT for men

5. BBLUNT Climate Control, Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream

Price: ₹ 550 for 150 g

This product is packed in a black bottle and has a pump line dispenser which makes it very convenient to use. It takes care of your hair and makes it look great in hot and humid climate of India. This frizz-control spray works best on damp hair. In the end, use hair dryer to set the look for a long time.

6. BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish, For Instant Shine

Price: ₹ 550 for 150 ml

This product not only adds shine but also and holds it properly with absolutely no fuss. It works wonder on dull and tired hair making it gorgeous and lustrous. It also protects the hair from the harmful rays of the sun and is rich in Vitamin E.

BBLUNT styling product online

BBlunt has even won awards for its responsible packaging of products. Use these at home to get rid of the necessity to run to salons before any important event.


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