PRP for Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Loss Treatment at Calee Noida: Cost,Benefits,Recovery

PRP for Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Loss Treatment at Calee Noida: Cost,Benefits,Recovery
PRP for Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Loss Treatment at Calee Noida: Cost,Benefits,Recovery

Women have opted for various types of treatments through decades to get better skin and a better chance to get their imperfections corrected. A breakthrough treatment informally and more popularly known as the Vampire Facials are doing the rounds. Known as the PRP facial, it is weird how effective it actually is.

What is PRP therapy?

The platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a part of our own body. A little blood is taken from the body. This is segregated into the liquid part and the cellular part. The liquid part includes the plasma to which the platelets from the cellular part is added. Now, it becomes plasma rich in platelet. When this gets injected in the body, the skin reacts positively to get a much more smoother tone as well as texture. Since years, this science of PRP has been used in a lot of other fields like dentistry, surgery etc but now it has resurfaced as a tool for cosmetic surgeries and dermatology.

Dr. Shruti Agarwal explains how PRP treatments are beneficial for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration.

What is the procedure of PRP Facial ?

This is a non-surgical treatment. But local anaesthesia is injected into your system so that you don’t feel any pain. Blood is drawn from other parts of the body. The plasma containing platelets is separated out and injected in intended areas with microneedles. It stimulates the production of more collagen and enhances the cure of tissues. The wrinkles get smoothed over and a natural young look is obtained on the face.

Dr. Shruti Agarwal explains the procedure of PRP treatments on face and scalp for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration.

What to Expect from PRP Skin Treatment?

As promised, the skin gets totally rejuvenated. The size of the pores are reduced and lines vanish. You will notice a glow emanating from your energized face. You need normally about three sessions with a gap of two months between each session. Results can be observed from the third week onwards.

Anymore curiosities you have regarding PRP?  Here, we answers to the following frequently asked questions.

Skin Rejuvenation Hair Loss Treatment at Calee Noida - PRP for Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Loss Treatment at Calee Noida: Cost,Benefits,Recovery
PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

1. Why is PRP different from other skin fillers?

The fillers just get rid of the scars and lines by filling them in. But with is PRP they are gone for good due to enhanced collagen production from within.

2. Is it painful?

As it is a surgical treatment it is supposed to hurt a little but due to the local anaesthesia done to the affected area it doesn’t hurt at all.

3. How much time does it take?

The entire treatment takes about half an hour. But the injecting part which might get mildly uncomfortable takes only about ten to fifteen minutes.

4. What are the side effects?

There are absolutely no side effects to this treatment because the stuff injected into the skin of your face is taken entirely from your own body. Therefore, there is also no chance of having any allergic reactions.

If you are ready to get these vampire facials done and preserve your youthful beauty forever, you can go down to this awesome beauty clinic, Calee, which has opened in Noida. It has the best products, machineries and also a highly skilled board of skilled professionals who give a detailed guidance throughout. Out of the numerous aesthetic beauty treatments they provide is PRP, a 100% natural FDA approved process.

This clinic can be trusted. If you really commit to get this treatment done to freeze your gorgeousness forever, give Calee a chance to wow you.

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