10 Eyeliner Styles for Beginners – Step By Step Tutorial with Images

Eyeliner styles
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Most of us ladies can’t even think of stepping out of the house without our eyes lined with kohl. Liners are like armours protecting us while we go out to rule the world. There are various manners in which you can wear liner in black or other shades.

This article brings together 10 hottest trends of eye liners of this year. Read on to recreate these styles and live up to your fashionista title!

1. Revamped Cat-Eye

This year the flick of the cat-eye got a revamp. Trade the sharp and defined wing for a well rounded off edge. You can use a small make-up sponge applicator to fill in the edges after drawing the outline.

Revamped cat-eye
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2. Metallica

Metal head or not, eyes are the way to go this year. Go for a metallic glittery liner in blue or turquoise to define your eyes. You can also opt for a golden shade depending upon the occasion.

Metallic and glitter eyeliner
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3. Black beauty

There wasn’t any time when black was not in. Black-lined eyes have always been timeless and classy. This season wear it along both of your lash lines to get a bolder look.

Classic black cat eyeliner
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4. Pop Shades

Even after we agree on the fact that black never gets old, nothing’s wrong in experimenting with bright colors. Everyone loves a sexy cat eye, so next time you start making one do it in a pop shade like emerald green to spice things up.

Trending blue Pop Color eyeliner
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5. Burn with your Looks

A smouldering look is your go to look for almost every night out. Now, level it up by getting smoky lined eyes. Add a mix of black and grey eye shadow directly on the top lid of the eyes and smudge it with a flat brush to get a flirty look.

latest smokey eye liner
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6. K-liner

This style of wearing liner became popular with the Korean makeup trends. Get an eyeliner pen and start drawing in the way you do while making a winged liner. But instead of winging it up, extend the line downwards to get the ‘puppy’ liner.

Korean Eyeliner
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7. Office Eyes

This is a trendy new style suited for corporate meetings and after-work parties. Begin by applying a basic line of kohl along the lower lash line and then put eyeliner from the middle part to the lower lid’s outer end. Join both the upper and lower lines to get a doubled effect.

Eyeliner ideas for Indian girls
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8. Egyptian Sight

Cleopatra’s eyes have been our dream eye makeup since ages. Go the Egyptian way by re-lining the lower lid and then mixing it with the original line.

Egyptian eyeliner
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9. Graphic Gorgeousness

Graphic eyes will always make you stand out from the crowd. Try geometric patterns and draw around your eyes. But remember to opt for lighter shades on the lips if you are doing this liner trend.

Graphic Eyeliner
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10. Mix it up

If mixing and matching is your thing then combine a smudgy pencil liner with a liquid liner to get an almost-indecisive styling in your eyes.

Colorful eyeliner ideas
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Each of the trend is easy to achieve. Get going by decorating your eyes in these beautiful ways. After all, eyes are the most important feature of the face.


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