What causes Butt Acne – Know 5 Hacks To Get Rid of Butt Pimples

Know simple hacks t avoid butt acne
Tips to avoid Butt acne

Butt acne or Buttne can be a result of clogged hair follicles, excess production of oil from pores, deposition of dead skin cells or poor hygiene. Butt acne can be very uncomfortable and irritating. Here in this article, we are going to discuss 5 hacks on how to get rid of but acne/pimples and get a clear skin.

1Wear Breathable Underwear

Wear breathable and comfortable underwear to avoid butt acne.

Seamless nylon underwear is usually preferred by everyone. But it is not good for your skin as it traps the bacteria on the butt skin area and does not let the skin breathe. Always wear cotton underwear as they are very comfortable, durable, gentle on the skin and allows the skin to breathe.

2Wear Loose clothing

Every woman loves tight clothing as it emphasizes the shape of the body. But it is another major reason of butt acne or acne on the bikini line. The tight inner wear traps sweat and bacteria which results in the breakouts. Switch to loose clothing until the time your butt acne recovers or minimizes. It is not necessary to wear skirts and maxi’s all the time. Try sticking to loose clothing for a while or wear something which is helps the skin to breathe.


It is very necessary to clean your butt area time to time, just like you clean the rest of your body. Exfoliate your butt two to three times a week to keep your butt area clean. Avoid loofahs as they can make the breakouts worse! Always go for a granular exfoliants as it opens up the pores and lets the skin breathe and regenerate. It smooths the skin and prevents the breakouts even if it can’t get rid of the acne totally.

4Avoid Sitting For Long Hours

Sitting can long hours can be a cause of Butt Acne too.

Avoid sitting for long hours as the follicles and pores get stressed and get clogged easily which makes it conducive to the acne to grow. Especially in a hot environment, you are more prone to butt breakouts as the sweat gets trapped while sitting for long hours. Always try getting up and moving at regular intervals.

5Avoid Heavy Lotions

Avoid using heavy cream and lotions.

Lotions are supposed to moisturize and smooth the skin, but some lotions easily clog the pores which can lead to acne. Always check the ingredients as scented or heavy lotions are too much for the butt skin to handle. Always go for lotions for sensitive skin or the ones with lactic acid as it is gentle on the skin, and helps to removes the dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin.

These are 5 very useful hacks that can help you get rid of butt acne quickly. But, if these don’t help consult a dermatologist immediately before it leads to some serious skin condition.


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