Vitamin E for Hair, Skin & Nails – Know 11 Surprising Health Benefits

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin containing antioxidant properties. Vitamin E protects the body from free radical attacks that can be harmful to your body. It is also known to prevent the infections as it helps to aid the immune system. It is long regarded as an essential vitamin for the heart but it has other benefits too. Let’s have a look at it’s other benefits.

1Reduce Skin Itching

Vitamin E helps in moisturizing the skin which provides a temporary relief from itching. Keeping the skin moisturized helps in preventing the dryness which results in a reduction from skin itchiness.

2Promoting Nail Health

Vitamin E can help keep nails strong.

Vitamin E prevents the yellow nail syndrome which results in cracking, peeling and yellow nails. It supports the nail health by preventing dry skin around the nail and also preventing cracked cuticles.

3Good for the Scalp

Vitamin E provides the health of the scalp by nourishing the hair. It provides circulation in the hair follicles which results in hair growth. It is advisable to break a Vitamin E capsule and mix it with your hair oil and apply for best results.

4Sunburn Prevention

Vitamin E helps in moisturizing and soothing the flaky, dry skin which helps in relieving itching and burning that results from a sunburn. Avoiding direct sun and applying sunscreen with Vitamin E is the best way to protect the skin.

5Boosts Immune System

Vitamin E helps in producing the natural cells that destroy the germs and cancer cells. It also encourages the production of B cells that helps in destroying the bacteria causing elements and cells.

6Makeup Remover

Put Vitamin E Oil on a cotton ball and swipe it through your face. Even the stubborn makeup will come off in just one swipe

7Repairs Split Ends

Vitamin E oil helps cure split ends

Mix olive oil, jojoba oil in equal quantity then add 2 ounces of Vitamin E oil to it and use this hot oil treatment to cure split ends.

8Aids in Regrowth of Hair

Vitamin E treats hair loss. Message Vitamin E oil to your scalp twice a week; this will help in repairing damaged follicles and reduces inflammation. Healthy follicles help in encouraging hair growth.


Vitamin E helps in getting rid of acne and giving a clear, smooth, shiny and vibrant skin. Take Vitamin E oil in a cotton and apply on your skin overnight and see amazing results in a week.


Vitamin E health benefits

Vitamin E helps in protecting the skin from free radicals that cause wrinkles, ages line and spots.  It protects the cell membranes and prevents the damage to the enzymes that are associated with it, which is why it is known as an important antioxidant.


Vitamin E helps in producing significant improvement to the symptoms of eczema. It helps in relieving the dryness, itchiness and irritating sensation related to eczema.

These are the essential benefits of Vitamin E. It helps in maintaining the overall good health in the most natural way possible. Include this Vitamin supplement to your diet for best results.


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