Rebonding or Smoothing: 6 Facts to know before You Get Chemically Treated Straight Hair

Know advantages of chemically treated hair

Fed up with unruly frizzy? Feel its impossible to take care of and manage your hair amidst a super busy schedule?

Worry not! Here we will share our knowledge with you girls on various chemical hair treatments offered at salons like re-bonding & smoothing etc.

But first let’s get to know a little about what actually are these treatments and what do they do to your hair?

Rebonding is the process in which certain chemicals are used on your head which seep inside your hair cuticles changing the natural bonds of your hair strands from wavy or curly to straight. These chemicals arrange the existing hair bonds so that the hair structure becomes straighter and smoother.

Which chemical treatment is better - smoothening or rebonding

On the other hand, smoothing is the procedure in which excessive keratin along with preservative solutions are applied on your tresses with the help of hot irons. It irons out your hair making it manageable, frizz free, straighter and smoother.

The difference between ‘rebonding’ and ‘smoothing’ is that rebonding straightens out curly or wavy hair whereas smoothing makes the hair smoother and silkier. Rebonding lasts for 6-7 months and smoothing lasts for approx 3 months.

Although the chemicals used in both the processes are different from each other, but still the end line remains that these hair treatments make use of a lot of chemicals. Therefore, there are some things that should be kept in mind before opting for such treatments.

Know facts about chemically straight hair

Facts to know before you choose your chemical treatment

  1. Always remember that the promises made by the hair specialist in the salon, absolutely nothing is permanent. It doesn’t matter how much chemicals you are using, the effect would wear off after some months.
  1. The chemicals used for smoothing your hair contains some highly toxic elements like formaldehyde among other things. If these chemicals come in contact with your skin, blisters and rashes can break out.

smoothening or rebonding

  1. Remember when you are rebonding your hair, each follicle of your hair is getting chemically de-coiled which can affect the natural growth of your tresses. It might also lead to brittleness of the hair or thinning of hair at the roots.
  1. In some countries, smoothing is banned due to the excessive amount of keratin used which has adverse effects. Therefore, remember to discuss about the content of keratin used on your hair with your stylist before going through the treatment.
  1. Keratin treatments, also known as Brazilian blowouts, smoothen your hair. But you should take care to determine what kind of treatment you are asking for because there are different types of treatments suitable for different types of hair textures.

Keratin treatment is better than smoothening or rebonding

  1. The last thing you must keep in mind is that once you go through some chemical treatment that will straighten out your hair for some specific period of time, you cannot opt for any other look like curly haired or wavy tresses or bed headed plaits within that same period.

Now, as you know about all the things you will be facing when you chemically treat your hair, go ahead to the salon but remember to keep these points in mind before you give the hair stylist the green signal!


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