What is Keratin? – 8 Hair Care Tips Post this Chemical Treatment

Let us begin with a little piece of info about what actually is keratin? It is a fibre made up of proteins which is the fundamental building material of hair in the human body. Although insoluble in water and organic solvents, this proteinaceous tissue is prone to getting damaged due to prolonged exposure to stress and everyday pollution.

And that is where like a knight in a shining armour comes in keratin hair treatment or as they say ‘The Brazilian Blowout’! Lasting for around three months or more (depending upon the post care of the treatment), this promises to make your hair smoother & frizz free.

But what about the care after getting this treatment? Worried about how to pamper your hair post keratin treatment?

cismis Keratin treatment post care - What is Keratin? - 8 Hair Care Tips Post this Chemical Treatment

Here are sharing some useful and easy post care ritual of keratin treated hair.

  • First and foremost, let us stress on the instruction you’ve already got from the salon, that is, to not get your hair wet for at least three days after the treatment. This is to give the malleable keratin time to blend in with your hair. It is advised to stay away from rain dances and laps in the pool! No water contact at all.
  • Next, comes the styling part. Let your hair down as much as possible. Do not try to tie it up with clips and bands for long periods of time as it will create unattractive dents in the hair which will hamper the straight hair look.
  • After the initial shampooing ritual, try to minimize the use of excessive hair care products and shampoos as it will just result in making your hair look bland and dull. So, just stick to normal blow dry.

cismis Keratin treatment post care at home - What is Keratin? - 8 Hair Care Tips Post this Chemical Treatment

  • After 5 days of treatment, you do need shampoos. And for that, invest in some sulphate free and sodium free shampoos specifically designed for use post keratin treatments. Also, take care to ensure that your hair gets deep conditioning twice a month to complement the keratin treatment.
  • Instead of regular cotton or synthetic pillow cases, it is advisable that you use a silk pillowcase to sleep on at night as it reduces friction between the hair strands. Sleeping on a silk pillow case prevents frizz to great extent and is also helpful making the keratin straightening treatment last long.
  • The styling products you use post treatment must be totally free from formaldehyde to prevent your hair from becoming brittle. Also, if you prefer leave-in conditioner then the product should be enriched with protein and humectants; which help retain moisture in hair and emollients which maintains the shine in the hair.
cismis Keratin treatment care at home - What is Keratin? - 8 Hair Care Tips Post this Chemical Treatment
Use good product post keratin treatment
  • Remember to not let your hair anywhere near hair coloring products, root lifting sprays, harsh shampoos, gels to style the hair and hair straightening irons as it will damage your hair and make it easily breakable.
  • Last but not the least, don’t dare forget to look after the ends of your hair because being the weakest, they need the most attention and care. Ensure to get them trimmed on time and use good quality serums at the tips post shampoo.

cismis Keratin treatment care - What is Keratin? - 8 Hair Care Tips Post this Chemical Treatment

It is very important to pay attention while pampering your hair after a keratin treatment because nothing is worse than experiencing unpleasant side effects like dry scalp, uneven hair, itchiness and breakage of hair.



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