Drop Holiday Weight: 11 Simple Tips to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Drop holiday weight in just 2 weeks
Drop holiday weight in just 2 weeks

It is common to gain weight during holidays. When during the holiday season we are surrounded by good food and sweets, one simply can not resist.

You might fail to notice sometimes but you gain much more weight than expected which can lead to serious negative impacts on the body.

Let’s have a look at easy ways to drop the holiday weight and get back in shape.

Post your holiday food marathon try these simple tips to shape up.

1Drink Water

Drink more water to flush out toxins and lose weight

Drinking water provides satiety to the body, making you feel full for a longer time and also helps in reducing weight and flushing out the toxins from the body. It also aids digestion.

2Make weekly resolutions

Increase you physical activity gradually. Don’t put excess pressure on your body and yourself all at once as you may get tired and it might have adverse effects on the body. Try making little changes at a time and then keep increasing with time.

3Start With 10%

Start by achieving 10% weight loss as it will be easy to achieve success. Once you start achieving your goals, you will feel more motivated to shed off the weight.

4Spice Your Meals With Salsa

The condiment can help in spicing up all the meals without any fat. It adds flavor to all type of food and also makes you stay away from the spicy fat food items.

5Take one-third off

Try eating one-third meals less at each portion as this will help you in eating less and losing weight at a faster rate. This simple tactic can help you in losing more than 500 calories a day!

6Avoid Alcohol

Avoid alcohol if you are trying to lose weight

Alcohol is full of calories. It looks tempting but it has much more calorie. Try avoiding alcohol and stick to water if you want to shed off that extra weight as alcohol might be one of the reasons for the sudden weight gain.

7Learn How to Measure

Take measuring spoons to measure the portions of food you are including in your diet every day to keep a track of your diet.

8Eat Proteins

Add proteins to your diet so that they make you feel full for a longer time and also boosts your energy level. It tends to increase the mechanism and metabolism of the body to work which is another way to weight loss.

9Don’t Just Eat, Dine.

Enjoy your food but limit your portions

Eating while doing something makes you eat endlessly. Set a table and eat properly savoring every bite so that even if you include few chips along with the fat-free food, you don’t eat the whole portion of it.

10Make Smart Substitutions

Try options for more fruits and veggies as a comparison to fat-filled food. Eat one fruit every day during snacks time so that you don’t end up eating calorie filled food when you get hunger pangs and have nothing to eat.


Light Cardio will help you lose holiday weight faster

Start doing anyone cardio every day. Start with walking then jogging for the second week and if it suits your schedule then join a gym for faster weight loss. Start with 20 minutes and then you can eventually increase the time.

Follow these amazing steps and notice the drop in your weight in just two weeks! These steps can be very useful to get back in shape if followed properly.


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