Under Eye Dark Spots: 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles in 7 Days

Use these tips to get rid of under eye dark circles
Know 10 Tips To Get Rid Of Under Eye Circle And Eye Bags

Dark Circles appear under the eyes due to lack of sleep, stress, disturbed lifestyle or hormonal changes. It can also occur due to hereditary. Dark circles are something that affects everyone and if not treated on time, dark spots ca stay forever.

In this article, we are going to tell you top 10 ways to get rid of those under eye bags and get your glowing skin back.

1Milky Way – Use Milk to Remove Eye Puffiness

Dip cotton pads in cold milk and place on your eyes for 15-20 minutes and relax. This will help eyes in water retention and cool them off which will remove the puffiness from the eyes resulting in soft & glowing skin around eyes.

2Vitamin E for Eyes

Put few drops of Vitamin E oil in chilled water and dip a cotton pad in it. Now, apply the cotton pads on the eyes and leave them for 20 minutes to get rid of swelling under the eyes. Vitamin E can do wonders to your skin. This routine will help remove dark spot.

3Rose Water for Cooling Your Eyes

Rose water is very well known for it’s beauty qualities. Dab cotton pad in rose water and put them on your eyes. After 20 minutes, wash off with cool water. Repeat every day for amazing results.

4Egg Whites for Tightening the Skin around Your Eyes

Use egg whites to get rid of under eye dark circles and eye bags

Beat few egg whites and apply it around eyes with a brush and leave them for 20 minutes. This will help in removing the puffiness from under the eyes and also tighten the area around it.

5Chilled Tea Bags for Beautiful Eyes

Moisten the tea bags in cold water and then refrigerate them for a 30 mins. Use these cool eye bags on your eyes. This will help you relax. When you are done, wash off your face and apply a light moisturiser around your skin.

6Potato for Bright Eyes

Use Potato slice on your eyes to get rid of under eye circle and eye bags

Slice raw potato in two halves, after refrigerating it for few minutes. Now, put these slices each on your eyes and leave for 20 minutes. See amazing results after you remove them. Repeat this process thrice a week for bright eyes.

7Cucumber  Rejuvenation

Place two slice of refrigerated cucumbers on your eyes for 25 minutes and relax. You will notice that it’s anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the puffiness and also refresh you.

8Green Tea Bags

Use Green Tea bags to get rid of under eye circle and eye bags

Apply chilled chamomile or green tea bags on each eye and settle down for 15 to 20 minutes. The anti-oxidant properties in green tea will help you get rid of under eyes dark circles.

9The Spoons and Iced Water

Chill the spoon in a glass of ice water and place each of them on one eye. Switch the spoons while letting another one to chill in the glass until you see an improvement in your eyes.

10Keep Your body hydrated

Drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday to keep your skin hydrated

Keep your body hydrated by drinking as much water you can. Water helps in reducing the puffiness under the eyes and avoids your eyes from getting droopy.

Dark circles are really unappealing. But you don’t need to worry now as you know how to get rid of them. So, people get ready to get your shine back.


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