8 Pro Make-up Hacks to Make your Nose Look Slimmer and Sharper

Hacks and tips to make your nose look sharper
Hacks and tips to make your nose look sharper

There are tons of makeup tricks and hacks that can make your nose look slimmer and sharper. Learn about the art of contouring, blending and ways to draw attention from your nose through clever makeup tricks that can help make your nose appear smaller in shape and size.

1Give an attention to other Features

One of the best ways to draw attention from your nose is to enhance your other features like the lips, eyes, cheekbones, etc. Make sure you hide those fluffy eyes and under eye dark circles with makeup. Also, make sure you get a proper 8 hours beauty sleep as it is very important to look fresh.

2Use a Slightly Darker Matte Foundation

Always go for a darker matte foundation for chiseled face and stronger nose. Don’t apply the dark shade all over the face. Go for both light shade and dark shade to make the nose appear smaller. Use light tones of foundation on the sides of the nose, starting from the top and working way down the nostrils.

3Contour your Cheekbones, Forehead & Nose

For chiseled sharp features, contour your forehead and cheeks with a matte based bronzer or a dark shade compact powder. For nose contouring, apply a matte brown shade eye-shadow on the sides of the nose, blending it with the foundation. And then put some highlighter on the ring finger and sweep over the middle of the nose.

4Apply a Shimmer Blush

You don’t need to put on too much of makeup to make your nose look smaller but you can play up other features like the cheeks to take the attention elsewhere. Adding shimmery blush on the cheekbones can draw the attention to the cheeks and make your nose look a bit smaller.

5Use a Matte Bronzer

Use Bronzers to contour and highlight your cheekbones

Bronzer never ditches to fix up your nose or cheeks. Apply a matte bronzer on your forehead, cheeks, and jawline to give a sharper look to the face. The bronzer gives a sharper look and makes you look beautiful.

6Always Use Loose Powder

Always use a loose powder to set the whole face as it helps in keeping the shine at bay all day long. This helps as a shiner nose grabs all attention.

7Eyebrow Shape Play an Important Role

Eyebrow shapes affect a lot when it comes to your facial features which many are unaware of.  Always bring your brows in closer to make your nose look smaller. It will be crazy to know how instantly it will change the look of your facial feature.

8Do a Bold Lip

Use a bright color lipstick to draw the attention away from your nose

The final step is to enhance and play with your pout to drive attention from your nose. Adding shine and sheen to those beautiful lips always work. So always go for bold and dark lip shades that help you grab attention and make your day perfect.

So girls follow these kick-ass and simple 8 beauty hacks to get rid of that problematic nose and go beautiful, bold and shining!


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