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Who says the older you get, the lesser sex you enjoy with your partner? Just because you have been married for a long time and find nothing new to explore with your partner in bed, doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a fuller sex life and feel the same passion and vigor now! Our sexual desires never end, they just take a back seat with time. When you get married, you are so in love with each other that you don’t find any faults or nooks in your partner. There is almost no stress of family life. But eventually, with the passing time and increasing liabilities, it’s natural and common for couples to drift away from each other. So, how can you spice up your sex life?

There are innumerable simple ways to make love with your partner with the same old heat and passion. But most important is to make each other feel important and desirable. Keep appreciating and play naughty at times. Whisper dirty talks in ears and tease by a slight spank or a back push over the sexy body assets to draw the attention of your lover. Just a sexy good night cuddle can work wonders to generate heat on bed.  And if you need some expert help on this, you can connect with kamuklife.  It comes as a savior in such circumstances where couples lose interest and the flame of passion starts smoldering. Kamuklife is an Indian Online destination to purchase intimate lingerie and love tools that helps couples to reclaim the lost passion in their sex life. The kinky collection of intimate lingerie at kamuklife helps lovers to rekindle the flame of list and love. So, let’s see what’s there at kamuklife, that’s helping revolutionize and spice up the sex life of couples. Everyone needs at least these 5 products to elevate your sexual desire and spice-up your sex life.

  • The easiest way to surprise your partner is by getting a piece of awesome sexy nighty – transparent erotic lingerie always helps in turning on the mood of the couples. The moment you adorn the nighty, your body starts responding by making you feel hot and the same heat is passed on to your partner too. Your man will not be able to resist you in such a hot lingerie. The flame will start burning bright and the temperature will soar high, resulting in some dirty game of sex on the bed all night long. The nighty comes in wide variety and range. If are trying it for the first time and are not so bold, you can choose from the baby doll lingerie section which are quite seductive and cover all your sexy and nubile body assets. These nighty and baby dolls are the best way to change the scene of your bedroom.

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  • Everyone has a secret sexual desire to have sex with people of certain profession like doctor, nurse, waiter, bar-tender. Many have desire to make love with cat woman, pirate or even vampire. And who wouldn’t love to have a diva from a Bollywood item number sleeping next to him after a passionate sex and dance performance? And if you can make the fantasy turn true for your lover, then the love will always be there in air. The flame will keep burning and there will sparks in the bedroom always. All you need to do is make place for the Sexy Costume in your wardrobe. Order any of the sexy costumes available at kamuklife and serve your man what he desires. You will certainly find some sexy changes in him and his attitude, he will not stop loving you and will keep asking for more and more.
  • Teddy bear was your partner in childhood and you always cherish those memories. Now you can have a sexy teddy sleeping nest to you and making love with you. No, it’s not going to be a bear!! It will be your partner with Sexy Teddy Lingerie covering her feline body. The sexy teddy lingerie makes the lady looks horny. It makes her feel sultry and act as a slut who’s ready to surrender to you. No man will be able to resist the slinky look of his lady in the sexy teddy body suit in bold black, red and blue colour. And don’t worry if she is a bit healthy, because her voluptuous body looks sexier in this transparent sexy lingerie and kamuklife offers an exclusive category for plus size lingerie too.
  • You might be a couple who has already tried awesome sexy nighty with kinky costumes for role play or even transparent erotic teddy bodysuits, but you still have some scope to elevate your passionate love. The scope lies in the BDSM and Bondage Kit. Teasing and troubling your partner to drag him into the love game can be an erotic fantasy of many. Couples often don’t speak about such dirty desires but once both the partners are ready to get involved in the BDSM act, then living the desire can change the bond between the couple. Choose be the master or the slave. Then order the BDSM Kit online at kamuklife and act the sexy role you chose. Hold your slave tight and blindfold him with the sexy eye mask. Make him go down on his knees, fasten his hands with the seductive hand cuffs and also restrain his leg movement with the erotic ankle cuffs. Clasp his nipples with the sensual nipple clamps by tweeze it and squeeze the nipples and watch him cry. Your slave will mourn in pain but don’t forgive him and force him to love you hard. All the Bondage tools available at kamuklife will help you rekindle the lost spark. The dive in to this adventurous and painful BDSM sex will show you a different shade of love that was hidden in your partner. But a word of caution, never get into this without your partner’s consent.
  • You must also have some Love Tools for some fresh fun in sex game. Wearing the sexy Nipple chain under the dress can make your partner turn his head back and check out over you. Try wearing the golden horny belly chain and see how your man responds. He will not be able to get his eyes off your waist and belly, pushing himself over you to have some sexy fun. Also try the sexy door slam swing that helps in enjoying sex in different positions. Crotchless bra and panty are also very seductive and turns on the heat. The glow in dark lingerie will be an exotic lingerie piece added to your wardrobe that will uplift your sexy mood. And of course, don’t forget to carry some erotic flavored condoms and lubes to fill the air with seductive smell.

And who says that only a woman has to lure her man. Kamuklife brings sexy lingerie for men too. Now even men can have their sexy lingerie that will glow at night. They can also choose from the wide range available in sexy costume category. And what more…. there is sexy lingerie for couples. So, both of you can have a couple costume to surprise each other and play sex game together, and then it will be certain that your sex life will be full of spice and heat.


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