10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair, Skin & Body

Health benefits of sesame oil
Sesame Oil Health Benefits

Sesame oil, also known as gingelly oil is nourishing, lubricating and healing. It has a lot of benefits apart from enhancing flavor. It is full of vitamins, nutrients and a lot of minerals which are very useful to the overall health of a person.

Let’s have a look at its Health Benefits.

1Helps Prevent Diabetes

Know all health options for sesame seeds

Magnesium and other nutrients in Sesame seed/oil helps in preventing diabetes as it helps regulate the glucose levels and also improves plasma glucose in hypersensitive diabetics.

2Consumption of Heart Health

It helps the heart by preventing atherosclerotic lesions with it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound i.e sesamol.

3Helps Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Sesame helps in lowering cholesterol level. Sesame contains phytosterols which is know to help block excess production of cholesterol.

4Include Sesame Oil/ Seeds in your Diet to Prevent Cancer

Include sesame seeds to your diet as it helps prevent cancer

The Sesame oil/seed contain some anti-cancer compounds called phytosterols, magnesium, and phytic acid. So, includce this healthy oil in your salads as dressing or add some seeds to your food.

5Protects the Liver and Helps it to Function Well

Sesame seeds/oil maintains healthy liver functioning by protecting the liver from alcohol impact.

6Encourages Bone Health

The calcium and zinc content in Sesame oil helps in boosting the bone mineral density in the body. Sesame has the highest calcium content among all other oils.

7Prevents Wrinkles – Say good bye to fine lines with Sesame Oil

Prevent aging with sesame oil

Sesame protects the skin from wrinkles and pigmentation by protecting it from the harmful UV of the sun which damages the skin and results in fine lines. Apply Sesame oil on face at night as a moisturiser and wash it off with warm water for best results.

8Relieves Arthritis

Sesame oil has the high content of copper which strengthens bones, blood vessels and also prevents and relieves arthritis.

9Reduces Blood Pressure

Sesame oil contains high content of magnesium which is considered to be a key nutrient that helps in lowering the blood pressure level in diabetics.

10Healthy Skin with Sesame Seed/Oil

Healthy Skin – Consumption of Sesame seed or oil results in glowing skin

Sesame contains zinc that produces collagen that gives more elasticity to the skin which tends to repair damaged tissues of the skin. If sesame oil is used regularly it can prevent and cure skin cancer as well.

There are many other health benefits of Sesame oil which can keep your body, skin & hair healthy in the most natural way. Try using organic sesame oil as it is the best.

So girls, get glowing without any side effects with the amazing Sesame.


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