How to Do Light Party Make Up – 9 Step by Step Tutorial with Images

light club make up
Light party engagement make up

A fun night out is always incomplete without the perfect makeup. But all occasions don’t require those heavy looks or dramatic eyes. A light party makeup is something that works well for all kind of parties and all time of the day. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the easiest and stunning light party make up that you can carry off everywhere and every time.

1Step 1

The first step to any makeup guide is to prep your skin. Start prepping your skin by applying a hydrating serum or a moisturizer to ensure well moisturized and supple smooth skin.

2Step 2

It is very important to prep your face before any make up application.

Use a concealer stick (shade that suits your color) to cover the under eye dark circles. It can also be added in other areas to highlight them like the centre of the nose blending upwards onto the forehead, around the sides of the mouth and the chin. For a smooth finish, pat it with your fingers.

3Step 3

Apply a foundation all over your face and neck. Blend it properly for a perfect base and go for the shade that suits your skin type.

4Step 4

Pat some compact on your face using a powder brush, to make sure your concealer and foundation stay in place.

5Step 5

Use a little shimmer to accentuate your look.

Now, highlight your eyes with a light color eyeshadow or an eyeshadow that matches with your attire. Then you can apply little shimmer on the centre of your eye lids for a shimmery look and also on the inner corner of the eyes for a frosty look.

6Step 6

Winged eye liner for more defined eyes.

Now use a liquid liner to define your eyes by outlining the upper lids extending on the corners to give an edge of drama. Then use a kajal to outline the waterline deepening as you apply it. Now give a final touch to your eye makeup by applying mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

7Step 7

Now use a little bit of blush on your cheeks to highlight them. Make sure you make broad upward strokes along the length of the cheekbones.

8Step 8

Apply lip liner to define your lips and then fill in with a light lip shade of your choice

For the final step use a lip liner to outline your lips and fill in your lips with a subtle color shade using a lip brush.

9Step 9

Hair can totally transform your look – Always Accessorise your hair for a more professional look

For hair styling you can curl or straighten your hair using a hair iron. Then you can add some hair accessories to your hair to give it a different and unique look like a flower, clips, clutches anything that goes well with your outfit. Then use a hairspray to make your hair stay intact. You can opt for Bobby Brown Hairsprays, Lakme Hair Sprays or any other hairsprays that suits your hair.

With these simple tips, you can rock any event anytime. So girls, go and follow this amazing tutorial and shine.


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