8 Simple Make-up Tips & Tricks to Make your Forehead look Smaller

8 Makeup Tips To Make Your Forehead Look Smaller
8 Makeup Tips To Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

All the beauty products are used to enhance our beauty and also accentuate our features and make them look sharp and perfect. Make up if used correctly can help in making our features prominent. The large forehead is seen as a minor beauty flaw which can be covered with these simple 8 make up tips. Let’s have a look at them.

1A Hint of Blush on Cheeks

To draw attention from your forehead, go for bright blush color. Swipe some peachy or rosy blush along the apples of your cheeks and try working upward with the product for slight lifting effect. This trick helps in drawing attention from the center of your face.

2Use Darker Foundation

Apply a darker foundation to the temples and hairline for a strong chiseled forehead look. Firstly, tie your hair with a proper headband to make it easy to blend the makeup. Now, pick a matte foundation or concealer which is five shades darker than your normal skin tone. Use doms shaped or medium-sized flat brush to draw a circumference of the forehead. Now blend the foundation properly until you get a seamless finish. The contour should look natural. Follow a bronzer afterward to make the effect appear sharper and stronger. This trick is very helpful in minimizing the look of roundness of the face and helps in enhancing the angles of your face.

3Highlight For the Perfect Look

Highlighting helps in attracting the attention to the center of the forehead. Take a shimmery powder and apply it on the center of the forehead, between the eyebrows and try blending it outwards. Also, it helps in lifting up the face by applying it on the bridge of the nose. Highlighting brings forward the features of your face.

4Perfect Chiseled Cheeks

Use Bronzer for the perfect look.

Take bronze powder which is 3 to 4 shades darker than your skin tone and apply it in a diagonal line from your cheeks to your ears. This Contouring works well and will give your face an instant lift.


5Bronzer Works Wonders

Bronzer is one of the easiest ways to make the forehead look shorter. The bronzer should be 3 to 4 shades darker than your skin tone and must be in a matte formula. Take a tapered brush, put some bronzer on it and apply it on the temples and around the hairline. This technique will create a strong bone structure look and make your forehead appear smaller.

6Dramatic Eyes Will Do the Trick

High Drama Eyes can draw attention away from the forehead.

Always go for a dramatic eye make-up so that all the center of attention is your eyes and it distracts the attention from the forehead. Eye make up makes a lot of difference on the shape of your face.

7Play Your Lips

Pink Lipstick always comes to rescue.

Play your lips by applying a coral or pink lipstick to grab all the attention towards your lips. This technique is very effective in distracting the attention from your forehead. This always works. Just make sure you keep the other makeup light while going for it.

8Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape

Go for angular shaped brows to make your forehead appear small. Eyebrows are very important in framing a face structure. It changes the look of the face. So, always be careful with the kind of shape you go for.

Try these amazing 8 simple techniques to make your forehead look small to feel and look beautiful!


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