8 Easy Steps Achieve the Perfect Sexy Smokey Eyes Makeup Look

8 step Smokey eyes makeup tutorial

The smokey eyes makeup look along with, red lips makeup look and the ‘no makeup’ makeup look are the three different, yet most important make-up tricks that every girl must know. While the red lips look is all about finding the perfect shade, and the ‘no makeup’ makeup look can be achieved in 10 mins. It’s the the smokey eyes makeup look which requires real practice to achieve perfection and time to complete.

Though the smokey eyes makeup look seems simple, yet its very tricky. In this post, we will be sharing a step-by-step simple guide for you to achieve the sexy smokey eyes look with perfection and minimal effort.

8-Step Guide to get the perfect smokey eyes makeup look

1Start with primer to get a smooth base

Always apply primer under your eyes to get a smooth base as they help the eye make up last longer, and also doesn’t form the greasy line. A little grease on the eyelids doesn’t hurt, but since we need to do a lot of blending, it is always recommended to apply a primer and get a smooth base.

2Concealer powder

Apply a creamy concealer under your eyes with your ring finger to neutralize the eyeshadow. This is a makeup artists’ secret, and is known by only a few! Apply blending the concealer, and then apply powder on them using a brush to settle the look.

3Choose the right colors

Most girls presume that all it takes to get the smokey eyes makeup look is an eyeliner, black eyeshadow, and mascara. But they are so wrong. There are certain shades that need to be applied to the eye lids which you have to choose from the heaps of available color palettes. We would recommend to go for colors like gray, plum or forest green for a sexy look.

4Smudge the shadows

Use a Q tip or smudge brush to smudge the eyeshadow carefully along the bottom lines and the crease. It is very important to smudge the shadows properly, else it can ruin the whole look.

5Black Eye Pencil

Now use a creamy black eye pencil along the top and bottom lash lines, making sure no skin is left between them and the lashes. Go for extra dark black eye pencil for the perfect look.


7Curl your lashes for the sultry look

For a sultry smoky eye, a flirty fringe is a must. Curl your lashes from the base, holding them for five seconds and leaving. Make sure the curler is heated up before curling as this will make the curls last longer.

8Mascara to wrap up

No eye makeup is complete without a mascara as it gives the lashes long, thick, lush and bat worthy look. So always go for a mascara to complete the look.

That is it! These are the simple 8 steps to get utterly sexy and flirty smokey eyes and nail down every outfit with this sexy eye makeup!


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