Top 10 Essentials to Carry for a Camping & Trekking Trip

Things to carry for camping
Essentials to carry for a Trekk Trip

Traveling to the mountains is always fun but it can get very uncomfortable at times if you are unprepared for the trip. Make sure you have a checklist and you carry all the necessities that might be required during your hiking trip.

Here we have 10 important things that are a must carry when traveling for a Trek.

1Good Pair of Shoes or Boots

Wear Comfortable shoes

Always carry an excellent pair of boots or shoes while traveling to the mountains as it will provide arch and ankle support, and have a sole with an excellent grip that will help you to walk firmly on slope grounds. It is very important to wear comfy shoes while traveling to the mountains so that it is easy for you. Always go for a waterproof, sturdy, lightweight and warm shoes.

2Water Bottles

Travelling to the mountains can be tiring and can make you feel dehydrated. Also, when you are traveling up the mountains due to the cold temperature you start to sweat. So always carry some extra water bottles with you to keep yourself hydrated for a hassle-free journey. Carry filter bottles only.

3Sleeping Bag

Always carry a sleeping bag. You might require it in case of any crisis or if there is no place to go. Sleeping bag always comes to the rescue to rest during the journey. Always go for a good quality sleeping bags. Choose sleeping bags which are easy to carry while traveling and lightweight.

4First Aid Kit for Emergency

Always carry a small first aid kit whenever you are traveling for the emergencies that might occur. Make sure to keep all the essential basic medicines related to cold, stomach ache, headache, etc and also some band-aids, savlon and other necessities in case of an injury. This may not seem too important to you while packing your bags, but you might be surprised to know how handy they turn out to be.


While trekking seems fun but always remember to wear full length clothes and apply a good sunscreen. The harmful UV rays from the sun can damage the skin and the sun rays are far more impacting at the higher altitude. Always carry some sunscreen with you and apply it before stepping out to avoid the damages as it is correctly said better safe than sorry.

6Insect Repellent

Insect repellent is another overlooked item but very essential. Always carry a good quality bugs spray with you to get rid of that tiny insects. These insects can get very annoying. Also the insect bites can leave marks on your skin which can cause allergic reaction. Some insect bites are even poisonous. So, it is important to carry a good insect repellent cream or spray.

7Extra clothes for Unpredictable Weather

Always carry some extra clothes and woolen items in case of an emergency while trekking. They can be very helpful and save you from getting your trip ruined. For instance, if you face an unpredictable rain shower and you get drenched then you can change into new clothes and save your self from falling sick and cold.

8Flashlight or Torchlight for Evenings

Always carry a flashlight or torchlight in case you get late while coming back from the hike. The torch will turn out to be a lifesaver for you as it gets pitch black and you can safely return to your camps.

9Hats or Caps

Wear a cap or a hat for Sun Protection

Always carry caps or hats to protect yourself from the direct exposure of the sun while trekking as sometimes the rays can be too harsh on your skin and burns can get really bad. Having a cap or hat always helps.

10Carry Some Snacks

Carry Mix Trail or Nuts for Power Pack Snack Option

Always carry some munching items like a pack of trail mix, chocolates, energy bars or some dry fruits to keep your energy level optimum as while trekking you lose energy much faster than you anticipate. The best part is that these munching items take less space and are easy to carry.

These are the essential items to be carried while planning to travel the mountains. These items make the checklist of trekking and hiking complete.You can add some items your  personal preference.

So, go ahead and trek your way to a stress free vacation.


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