Beach Vacation Packing Tips – 10 Things To Carry in Your Beach Bag

10 things to carry for a beach vacation - beach
10 things to carry for a beach vacation

Sunscreen and sand toys are something that everyone carries. But there are more important things that people forget to pack while planning to head for the beach. Always make sure you pack smart so that you don’t end up looking for these.

Let’s discuss top 10 important things that you must carry for the beach.


Must carry essential to a beach is an Umbrella

Always carry an umbrella with you to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. The beach can be pretty harsh, not only the sun but heat reflecting from the sand as well.

2First Aid Kit

Always keep a small first aid kit with you containing all the necessary medicines for headache, stomach ache, allergies and all the other common problems that we deal. Don’t forget to carry the band-aids, and other essentials required if there is an injury.


Nothing ruins a day like squinting in the sun; so always carry a pair of good UV protection sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Also, a good pair of shades will help you enjoy the beach and see things clearly.


Always carry extra towels to the beach.

Always carry extra towels with you so that you can clean off the wet sticky sand off your feet while heading out from the beach. You can also use it as beach blankets to lay on if you forget to carry one.

5Flip Flops

No one likes taking shoes to the beach as the sand gets filled in. Also, it is never fun to remove your shoes and put them back on with wet sandy feet. Flip flops are best while going to the beach as it protects your feet from the hot sand and it is easy for you to walk.

6Jug of Water or Baby Powder

You might have noticed a lot of times that while returning from a long day at the beach you get into the car with the half of the beach with you which can turn out to be very irritating, messy and dirty. So always carry a jug of water to wash your feet before getting in the car or baby powder. Just sprinkle the powder on your feet and the sand will magically come off easily.

7Face Wipes to Keep you Fresh

Always carry face wipes with you while heading to the beach to wipe off the saltwater from your face. It is always refreshing and comes with the cooling effect of cucumber and eucalyptus.

8Hats and Caps

Wear a hat to the beach – It will protect you from sun and will add to your beach style too.

Even after applying the sunscreen your face still needs extra protection from the harmful UV rays so always carry a cute floppy hat with you to avoid ending up with a bright red nose. It helps in keeping you cool. And also makes a fashionable beach accessory.

9Water Bottle – To Avoid Dehydration

Always remember to carry some extra water bottles with you while traveling to the beach to keep you hydrated as the heat from the Sun might snatch away all your body water through sweat. So always carry a filtered water bottle.

10Lots of Entertainment

Carry some beach toys too.

You can get different type of entertainment activities like football, volleyball, flying discs and other types of games to keep yourself entertained and have a good time.

So next time you head out to the beach, make sure you have a list including these essentials and check it twice to enjoy your beach vacation without any worries !



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