10 Steps to Learn the Art of Deep Meditation for Relaxing your Mind

learn the art of deep meditation
learn the art of deep meditation

Meditation is known as closing the eyes and focusing on the breathing. It’s considered to be good for the brain and helps in fighting stress and depression. One can meditation for peace of mind and to De-stress. But, you need to know all the facts about the science of meditation before you start meditating.

Here we are sharing some points that you should keep in mind before you start meditation

1What is Meditation ? Know More About Meditation

First and foremost you need to know what meditation is and what it does. Meditation is all about focus and concentration. It calms the body, mind, and soul. If you master the art of meditation then you will feel the unlimited health and mind benefits of this science.

2Practice Yoga If you Want to Master the Art of Meditation

To concentrate your mind and focus on one place, practice yoga. Yoga will help in focusing the mind which is the first step of meditation. It will help you in avoiding distracting thoughts.

3Get a Fitbit Charger

Practice Yoga to make your Body Flexible and Learn to Focus on Breathing

Fitbit Charger helps in breathing exercises. It vibrates on the wrist so that your mind doesn’t wander and remind you to focus at one place.

4Try Different Exercises

Try different meditation exercises so that it is fun and at the same time you get health benefits from these exercises.

5Follow Guided Meditations

Follow guided meditations. You can find guided meditation apps on app stores. Install the app and focus on listening, learning and practicing meditation.

6Start Meditating for 2 – 5 Minutes a Day

Start with 2-5 minutes a day and gradually increase it when you have learned deep meditation and have control of your mind.

7Set a Time To Meditate

Meditate according to a fixed hour so that you gradually make a habit of meditating every day. Set an alarm for your meditation time.

8Learn to Focus on Your Breathing

Focusing on breathing is the key to meditation. It should be done before concentrating on any other body parts. Fitbit Charger 2 exercises can be done to focus on breathing, as discussed earlier.

9Relax When Your Thoughts Wander

Whenever the thoughts start to wander, try relaxing by focusing on your breathing slowly and steadily to get the concentration back.

10Lay On Your Bed

Lay on bed and try practicing breathing exercises, this will help relax your body.

Try laying on the bed while meditating as it helps the whole body to relax and you can  concentrate better.

So, follow these simple step and learn the art of meditation to relax your body and mind. Do share your experiences in the comment section below.


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