Top 11 Most Popular Eye Shadows from MAC for Indian Skin Tone


The Indian skin tone varies as much as the innumerable Indian cultures, if not more! It changes from dark browns in the southern parts to wheatish in the plateaus to almost cream white in Northern India. But the undertone of the skin mostly remains close to olive or light brown. Inspite of so much color diversion, India is united by the fact that each and every Indian woman looks absolutely beautiful in her majestic and glorious natural hue.

MAC has brought about a large number of eye shadow shades for us to pick from and choose the shade that will accentuate the beautiful features even more.

Here, we are sharing a list of 11 most popular eye shadows from Mac for the Indian skin.

All the eye shadows are priced at ₹ 1,045 for 1.5 gm

1. MAC Bronze Eye Shadow

This bronze eyedust comes with a frost finish. It blends well with the skin and is crease-resistant. It contains high pigmentation and is shimmery in nature. This shade will  give a natural look to the Indian light brown skin tone.

MAC Bronze Eye Shadow palette
MAC Bronze Eye Shadow Image Source – 3.bp.blogspot

2. MAC Expensive Pink Eye Shadow

It can be used either wet or dry. This warm coral shade goes really well with the ethnic and traditional Indian garments like a gorgeous salwar suit in a bright colour. It is easy to apply and has a buttery texture.

MAC Expensive Pink Eye Shadow on eyes
MAC Expensive Pink Eye Shadow image source -erinashleymakeup
MAC Expensive Pink Eye Shadow
MAC Expensive Pink Eye Shadow image source – makeupalley

3. MAC Knight Divine Eye Shadow

This dark shade goes well with absolutely all skin tones and boasts of the Veluxe Pearl Formula. It contains medium pigmentation and will last all day. It has a slight silvery shimmer and maybe a little hard to blend in.

MAC Knight Divine Eye Shadow
MAC Knight Divine Eye Shadow image source – c1.staticflickr

4. MAC All That Glitters Eye Shadow

It is not at all crumbly in nature and has a quite smooth texture. This shade is the blend of golden sheen, beige and salmon pink. It can be paired with both soft as well as dark shades depending totally upon your liking.

MAC All That Glitters Eye Shadow 1 - Top 11 Most Popular Eye Shadows from MAC for Indian Skin Tone

5. MAC Twinks Eye Shadow

Instead of shimmery, it gives a somewhat satin sheen to you eye lids. This shade is the color of a deep plum brown which is more of an everyday wear eye shadow. It will give off a nice polished look to the eyes.

6. MAC Sketch Eye Shadow

This eye shadow is the shade of a rich maroon or burgundy with a tinge of purple in it. It lends a velvety finish to the eyes. It is the perfect eye shadow for a cut crease eyeliner look. Pair it with some golden or pink shade and you’re good to go.

7. MAC Ricepaper Eye Shadow

It has a frosty golden blended with cream color which can also work a highlighter for your brow bone. It has a sheerness in it and is your go to eye shadow if you are pining for a no-makeup look. It just gives a little glow to your eye lids.

MAC Ricepaper Eye Shadow
MAC Ricepaper Eye Shadow Image Source -krystlegallaway.files.wordpress

8. MAC Woodwinked Eye Shadow

It has a brownish golden shade with a coppery red undertone. It is a very unique color with a lot of shimmer in it. It has a butter like texture and looks exceptionally well on olive skin.

9. MAC Soft Brown Eye Shadow

Another shade from the ever expanding brown palette of MAC, it has a light orange-ish undertone. It gives a matte finish and blends well. It gives some color to your eyelids making them look healthy. It can be used as a transitional shade with any two contrasting shades.

MAC brown eye shadow
MAC brown eye shadow Image source -temptalia

10. MAC Freshwater Eye Shadow

This beautiful indigo shade is maybe a little daring for the Indian earthy skin tones, but there is no harm in bringing out the boldness in you for a girls’ night out. Also, it can be used in replacing some other darker shade while doing smokey eyes to give it an unique twist.

MAC Freshwater Eye Shadow for Indian Skin
MAC Freshwater Eye Shadow Image Source -MakeupbyEesha

11. MAC Coppering Eye Shadow

This much raved about reddish orange shade will make you look beautiful when you dress up for some elaborate Indian function, for example, a wedding. It has a coppery undertone along with shimmery particles. It will add a depth to your makeup and give off a dressed up vibe.

There is so much to choose from! Examine your skin tone and find out which eye shadow suits you the best, but most importantly don’t forget to have fun while you do so because if you’re confident, you can pull off absolutely any look!


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